MLC has been working with Irish host families and international students since 1976. We are known for our professionalism, but because we are a family business, we have also come to know many of our host families on a personal level and can offer a friendly service and practical advice at all times. We are parents ourselves, we have hosted students ourselves… and we illustrate to our students and their parents exactly what they can expect from staying with a family in Ireland.

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  • Access to amongst the highest quality host families available in the UK or Ireland
  • An unrivalled choice of Summer programmes, Academic /High School programmes and ministays.
  • Guaranteed matching of each student to a host family with a child of the same gender, age and hobbies
  • A guarantee that there will be no other student of the same nationality in the host family
  • For Academic Year and Term students, a guarantee that there will be no other international student whatsoever in the host family
  • A tailored Arrival and Departure service to and from Dublin Airport for every single student
  • Full student support throughout the programme
  • Value for money programme fees
  • Online live booking system with real time family placement information
  • Accurate and up to date information
  • A professional and responsive team of staff within MLC
  • 24/7 support through our office and our emergency mobile




Since 1976, students, parents and agents from across the globe have been choosing MLC to provide them with superior language programmes in Ireland. Our programmes allow students to develop their English language skills, immerse themselves in a different culture and develop their independence through time away from home, in the safe and wonderfully welcoming environment of Irish life.

Decades of Experience
founded in 1976 by the formidable Clodagh Brady, MLC has several decades of experience in organising unique and memorable language courses for students in Ireland.

Family Business
the family involvement guarantees personal attention and ensures that each student is treated as a valuable individual. We have been to stay with host families ourselves as teenagers, and have grown up hosting students, so can understand every aspect of the experience.

One Placement Policy
We offer two very special and unique guarantees with our placements:

  • Each student is guaranteed to be placed with a host family where there is a child of the same gender, age and hobbies as the student.
  • Each student is guaranteed to be the only student of their nationality in the family. This means there is no alternative for the student other than to communicate in English.

our clients, partners, host families, schools, tuition teachers and activity organisers are proud to be associated with us. Many of our students, and their friends and siblings, return to Ireland through our centre year after year. This is the best recommendation of all.

The Homestay Factor
our programmes differ from those of many other companies in that we place our students with host families, as opposed to in residential or school accommodations. This means the students ‘live the language’ and enjoy the comfort, friendship and unique experience of enjoying Irish family life.

Our Host Families
we very much value and appreciate our host families. They go to great effort to ensure students have an enjoyable and valuable experience in Ireland. They show great care, warmth and inclusion to their students, which is illustrated by the number of students returning and requesting the same host families year after year. We work with host families all across Ireland and one of our main strengths is the extremely high standard of our host families.



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